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Who is Lulu?

What is my story?  I’ve always been overweight since I can remember. Being Nigerian played a part of it because our diets are rich in starchy foods. I wasn't active growing up because my parents wanted me to be focused on school. I didn’t know I was overweight until the teasing started in 4th grade. My self-esteem was shot. I suffered with self-esteem issues even in my adult years because of my weight. After I had my daughter in 2008, my weight fluctuated from 220 to the 230’s for about 5 years. It wasn’t until February 2013 that I decided to completely change. I was tired of being overweight and feeling bad about myself. When I buckled down and got serious, I lost 73 lbs in 13 months.

What do I do? My weight loss journey inspired me to help others in this to achieve their goals like I did. I started off as an Independent trainer and started my own fitness business in January 2017 called Lulu Fitnez. Lulu Fitnez is an uplifting Fitness Community for women. People give up on reaching their goals because they feel alone. Some need that push and others just need the motivation. You will learn how to embrace the lifestyle change. You will learn how to become physically and mentally strong. You will learn that you are not alone.

Why do you do it? I do this because it makes me happy. I enjoy helping people reach their goals. I understand how it is to be on the other side because I was once there.

Where does this passion come from? The passion come from my past experiences. I know how challenging it is to lose weight. I understand the sacrifices that must be made. I understand that we are human and we all slip up but achieving goals is possible. All you have to do is believe and plug into the right resources.

Seen in:

News Herald March 2016

UAW Community Magazine Nov/Dec 2015

The cover of the Wayne Dispatch April 2016

The Hub Flint Aug 2016

Advance Magazine